1. Age?


2. Why did you live in Brussels?

My dad’s job is based in Brussels. I’ve been living here for 15 years, it’s home. I currently live in New York for school.

3. Where are you from originally?

After I was born in Rome, my family moved to Virginia. I lived there for two years. I wouldn’t say Virginia and the DC area is my home though…Tough question, really. 

4. Where can I download some of your music?



5. What camera do you use?


6. How do you edit your pictures? 

Photoshop CS 5

7. Favorite band?

Ridiculously difficult question. Just check my Last.Fm account 


8. Favorite movie?

Again, a very difficult question that I probably can’t answer with full confidence. I really like Garden State. 

9. Favorite color?

Dark blues and greens are wicked soothing. 

10. Favorite sports teams?

Huge Boston sports fan.

Happy roaming!