The Antlers poster from Animal Canon.

I have this on my wall.

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Spark Alaska is the solo project of Lorenzo Cook, a 20-year-old student at Syracuse University. He recently messaged us on Twitter, I followed the links on his page and… hey presto! I discovered Longest Winter. Embarrassingly, a search of our inbox shows that he emailed us way back in…

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Ballerina decks by Henry Leutwyler

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This is how I feel all the time

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Alishia Farnan
Leafy Dreams

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few of my friends and I decided to roadtrip it up to Massachusetts for the long weekend. Stayed just south of Boston for a night of lightning storm beach runs and pool hopping. Then went to my friend’s apartment/venue in Boston and partied with Mass Art people and now we’re on the North Shore doing beach things until Monday

Sun sucked the energy out of me but i’m feeling good. 

  July 06, 2014 at 01:58am


Paul Redican

From last night’s storm in New York

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I have lost a remarkable amount of followers in the past year (give or take). It’s a really nice feeling. 

I obviously can’t account for the reasons why people stopped caring but I think part of the reason is that I figured myself out. I’m not writing about being an angst-filled 17 year old anymore. I like to think that I have outgrown the anger, loneliness, and dependence, that once played a huge part of my everyday. 

So maybe a re-introduction is necessary at this point in our long, almost FIVE year relationship, Tumblr. 

I’m Lorenzo Cook. I go to school in Syracuse, New York and I’m studying in a program completely focused on the music industry. I’m hoping to work as a manager once I finish school. I love the idea of working in a space that is constantly changes and requires creative thinking all the time. Aside from the business side of music, I love to write music. I do so under the name Spark Alaska which, over time, has become more than just a hobby as it actually brings in money here and there and I take it quite seriously. I don’t do it for money nor do I have any aspiration to pursue music as a career. I just love writing and recording my thoughts. 

I love sports, I love labradors, I love 60 degree weather, I love blueberry pie and vanilla ice cream, I don’t have my driver’s license, I’m scared of death (that used to give me anxiety but that has changed and now has encouraged me to stop being afraid of the world - kinda funny how that works), I find myself on planes a lot, and I’m currently sitting in a McDonald’s with an orange juice and listening to Wilco which is probably the reason I felt like writing this.


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